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Welcome to Florida Team Cheer! Our primary focus is All-star Cheerleading. We are here to provide the best possible training for all age groups and all ability levels. Our #1 priority is to provide an opportunity for cheerleaders to grow and evolve into successful athletes and young adults and have a positive All-star experience. Cheerleading is a team sport, requiring many life skills; positive attitude, discipline, respect for others, and just plain hard work in order to have successful cheer teams/seasons. We strive to maintain a positive attitude focused on teamwork, while improving each individual’s self-esteem and confidence. We are very excited about working with you and your children in the year to come and are confident in your ability to represent Florida Team Cheer with pride. To ensure the success of our teams, it is essential for all of us to understand the expectations and responsibilities involved in being a cheerleader at Florida Team Cheer.



Cheerleading is an amazing way to exercise, that's not a secret. But did you know that its also a great way for young people to build strong bonds that could last a life time? Cheerleading can give young children and teens a great way to express themselves in a positive way while staying healthy.

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